In order to understand the function of the EVOX (aka Perception Reframing), it is first important to know the definition of the word perception:

Perception: The way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted. Intuitive understanding & insight.

Our perception of different events throughout our lives, sometimes stemming as far back as birth, define us and can keep us stuck in certain patterns.  The EVOX is designed to help us change our perceptions or ideas about people, relationships, situations, and even our own ideas about ourselves.

Most perceptions don’t change, i.e., they remain static. For example, if a woman’s perception about her mother-in-law is something like “She is impossible to get along with” then she will approach her mother-in-law the same way every time they are together. The same behavior will continue and family dynamics will often become stressful, not just for the patient but for the entire family.

The EVOX can be used for various different things. Some may include phobias such as fear of spiders, fear of flying, low self-esteem, etc. Other topics may include deeper traumas such as physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual or psychic abuse. Whatever blocks us from our highest sense of self is worth working through to achieve freedom from these subconscious thoughts that affect our daily life.


The EVOX uses voice technology (VOX is Latin for ‘voice’). During a session, the patient chooses a specific topic to work on. The EVOX records the energy of the voice while the topic is discussed and through the process of bio-feedback, perception reframing occurs.

Hand Cradle

During a session, the client sits comfortably while placing their hand on the hand cradle. Using a headset, they speak about their topic into a microphone for a 10 second period of time and in moments, a visual image of their perception appears on the screen for analysis (also known as a Perception Index – PI).

For a minute or so, gentle music is played and the client is directed to focus on their topic while the frequencies derived from the voice recording are broadcast back to them. These frequencies stimulate and balance the specific memory/muscle connection identified in the PI.  During the balancing, the client may experience a powerful emotional release or realize a significant insight into stress they’ve experienced. If that connection is storing a memory connected to stress & trauma, that memory is causing an imbalance or distortion in the body and therefore must be cleared.

In the biofeedback process while music is being played, clients may recall forgotten memories, strong emotional feelings and/or critical insights that can help them break free of the rigid thinking, unresolved grief & anger, and other buried emotions that often keep us stuck in repetitive behavior patterns.

Perception Index

The topic is then spoken about again for another 10 seconds followed by the music. This routine is repeated until the Perception Index changes enough to show that a blockage has been cleared.  This can take anywhere from ten minutes up to a half hour.

While some patients may start to feel a change in their thinking right away, sometimes the release or shift is felt later in the day or week. Everyone’s experience is very different and also can depend on what is being worked on.

After each session completes, clients are tested for Flower Essence remedies particular to their individual needs. These remedies are infused/added into a water bottle that is given after each session for continued support following each EVOX.



How often do I need to do an EVOX?

EVOX sessions can be done as often as once a week and as far out as once a month; for some patients, as needed. For clients working on deeper topics such as childhood trauma or abuse, appointments are usually recommended once a week until the emotional load begins to lessen.

What happens if I don’t experience a release during my session?

It is not uncommon for some topics to require more than one session to clear, especially if it is a heavier topic that a client has been dealing with for years. However, this does not mean the session was a waste. Every EVOX brings us closer to clearing blockages by uncovering specific details we may have been suppressing. When a release does not occur, the same topic is often worked on during another session until the perceptual shift occurs.

What can I expect after my first session?

After the first EVOX, many clients have reported an increase in thoughts, memories and sometimes emotions.  This is to be expected and nothing to be concerned with.  The subconscious mind is very powerful and because the EVOX works on perception, it will sometimes bring forward memories we may have forgotten about or tried to block out of our mind.  This is a good thing and is part of the healing process.  These thoughts want to be acknowledged and are topics we should work on in future sessions.

What if I don’t remember everything I felt after my session?

It is usually recommended that new clients purchase or designate a small notebook to carry around with them. The best way to acknowledge a thought or memory that comes to our mind after a session is to get it out of our mind and on to paper. This act has a dual purpose:

  1. You are acknowledging that thought by writing it down
  2. You will have it recorded for your next EVOX.

Every memory or thought that comes to mind during and after your session is relevant in some way and something to discuss when you are at your appointments.

Will I need to do EVOXs the rest of my life?

The basic answer to this is No. Typically, once a topic is cleared and perception reframing has occurred, that topic will not need to be worked on any more. However, every client is different and therefore clients’ experiences vary.  Some patients continue doing sessions on a regular basis even after their initial reason for coming in has cleared; they report feeling as though the EVOX keeps them grounded and is their preferred method of meditation.