Over hundreds of years, Eastern medicine has come to understand the human body’s modes of communication. Acupuncture and Acupressure are common ways to assist the body through these channels. Now, with computer technology, we can use these same channels to painlessly and immediately pinpoint areas of body stress to assist your body as effectively as possible.

By measuring electrical conductivity through important communication points, we can measure the level of toxic stress on your organs, glands and systems. The Scan is designed to effectively pinpoint those areas of stress and determine the best solutions possible.

The procedure is simple, painless, and sterile. Clients simply place their hands on the Limbic Arc Hand Cradle and the scan runs through a sequence of tests. The system tracks your body’s physiological stress level and records changes that occur throughout the test. By recording and analyzing these responses we can pinpoint a clinical approach that will provide you the greatest personalized benefit in the least amount of time.

This technology is used in various health care practices around the world.  It gives Doctors & Technicians more information to consider before suggesting corrective procedures, supplements, therapies and herbal formulas.

The scan can last approximately 45-50 minutes and is non-invasive/painless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a Scan?

Many people choose to take nutritional supplements, but often guess as to what supplement will work best for them. Even though a supplement may work for someone else who has the same symptoms as you, how do you know it’s providing the support YOU need at the present time?  To make better decisions about these and other health choices AND avoid wasting your money on supplements that your body may not need, the bio-communication technology eliminates the guess work and answers these question for us.  Bio-communication is the exchange of information between a computer and your body; it’s like the computer is asking questions and your body is answering them.

Who can benefit from this type of scan?

Everyone! Whether you struggle with hormone imbalances, chronic illness, allergies, chronic fatigue, blood sugar problems, allergies, environmental sensitivities, and or digestive disorders or chronic pain.

Or, perhaps you have less chronic problems like lack of energy, headaches, poor sleep, aching joints, or reoccurring infections.

You might want to see where you are currently out of balance even though you are not experiencing any major health challenges. (Preventing disease before it happens!)

Are the results accurate?

Yes. Practitioners of this type of scan have performed tens of thousands of assessments worldwide. Practitioners have also used other modalities to evaluate the results of their ZYTO software with great results. Recently, a hospital study was conducted that showed a 95.2% correlation between the results of ZYTO’s technology and the recommendations of the doctor!

Can the technology be used to diagnose?

This form of technology is not designed to diagnose. It is a tool designed to assist the healthcare practitioner in finding the body’s specific imbalances for any list of items, ailments, conditions, diseases, etc. This information is invaluable in helping the practitioner determine what is going on internally and maximize what therapeutic decisions to move forward with with the client.